American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS)
Spring 2020 Newsletter
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As you may know, there were plans to produce an AAPS Centennial book to be distributed to all members at the Centennial event in 2021. Like the other plans, this, too, has been pushed back a year to 2022. Regardless, the production of the book has been in process since September 2019 and will continue as scheduled. Edited and spearheaded by Arun Gosain, there are five authors who have each been assigned a chapter that covers two decades of AAPS history as follows:
  • 1921-1940 Joe McCarthy
  • 1941-1960 Barry Noone
  • 1961-1980 David Larson
  • 1981-2000 Aron Wahrman
  • 2001-2020 Tom Lawrence
PRRI has facilitated this endeavor by photocopying all of the correspondence and program books of all the AAPS meetings; these were available at the Countway Library. This information has been available to the authors since December 2019. The authors have already completed the first draft of their assigned chapters.

Everyone associated with the production of this book had a conference call last month and all agreed that we want this to be much more than a repetition of the six excellent historical reviews of AAPS that have been previously published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This is not intended to be a "coffee table" type of book, but rather one that would make for enjoyable reading by all AAPS members and those who might aspire to be members. While the authors are addressing the economic and political influences that may have served to drive trends in plastic surgery over the last 100 years, we would also like to include some personal vignettes/stories/photos you might provide us. We want to make it personal and there is no better source to add this important element to our work than from those with great memories of AAPS, as it impacted the evolution of our specialty.

Here are two requests:
  1. If any of you have a story, reflection, memory or photo of the AAPS that you think might be useful for any of the authors to use in their chapter, please forward those to the administrative office. Make sure you identify the year, the occasion and those in the photo. Dr. Gosain will then share these with the respective chapter authors for their consideration for inclusion in the book.
  2. Dr. Gosain is compiling a final chapter based on contributions from national and international leaders in plastic surgery. As members of the AAPS, you are all leaders in our field. Arun is looking to compile reflections on the evolution of the AAPS during your membership. We would like insights as to how evolution of the AAPS may have impacted the career of you and your colleagues, and the ripple effect this may have had on organized plastic surgery in general. If you would like to contribute to this closing chapter, please contact Arun at the following address:
We are working towards completion of the individual chapters by mid-August, so if you wish to contribute to either of the requests above, please respond by June 1 so that the individual chapter authors may integrate your contributions appropriately. We anticipate the book to be about 300 pages and it will be distributed to attendees at the Centennial Celebration in 2022. This book will be a memento we can all be proud of.

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