AAPS, American Association of Plastic Surgeons
AAPS, American Association of Plastic Surgeons
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Innovations Program

The "Innovations Program" has two groups of participants - our Preceptors, who are offering their institutions as host centers for visits, and our Preceptees, Association members who would like to visit one of the identified centers. e already have over a dozen centers signed up! We are still looking to add to this list, and now we are encouraging members to sign up to take advantage of this unique opportunity. For preceptors: Ideally the visitor would be provided with case observation in the operating room, and a debriefing session with the host discussing issues related to particular cases or the practice, etc. For preceptees: An Association member could travel to the practice and observe the workings of the clinic and operating room as well as engage in discussion around office management, billing and patient follow-up. Visitors would be responsible for their own travel expenses. We encourage your participation in this new and exciting program.

Preceptors Apply Here    Preceptees Apply Here

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