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AAPS, American Association of Plastic Surgeons
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AAPS 85th Annual Meeting
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Fat Grafting to the Breast Revisited: Safety and Efficacy
Sydney R Coleman, MD & Alesia P Saboeiro, MD

Apprehension that calcification and scarring would interfere with cancer detection has hindered fat grafting to breasts for the last twenty years. With recent reports by Spears and Rigotti, it is time to re-examine the safety of fat grafting to the breast as well as its efficacy.
This is a retrospective examination of 17 breast augmentations with fat grafting performed from 1995 to 2000. Indications included micromastia, post-augmentation deformity, tuberous breast deformity, Polandís syndrome, and post-mastectomy reconstruction deformities. The technique used in all cases was the Coleman method of fat grafting with placement of the grafted tissue in small aliquots at many different levels.
All women had a significant improvement in their breast size and/or shape post-operatively and had breasts that were soft and natural in appearance and feel. Post-operative mammograms identified changes that one would expect after any breast procedure.
In the literature, there is currently no evidence that fat grafting to the breast is less safe than any other form of breast surgery. Based on these results of this experience and reports of other plastic surgeons, we should revisit fat grafting as an alternative or adjunct to breast augmentation and reconstruction.

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