AAPS, American Association of Plastic Surgeons
AAPS, American Association of Plastic Surgeons
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Winter 2017 Newsletter

Welcome 2017 New Members

18 new members were elected to membership in AAPS. The Class of 2017 will be formally introduced at the 2018 Annual Meeting at the Westin in Seattle, Washington.

Anuja K. Antony, MD - Chicago, IL
Heather Furnas, MD - Santa Rosa, CA
Michael Gimbel, MD - Pittsburgh, PA
Jeffrey Hammoudeh, MD - Los Angeles, CA
Benoit IMM Hendrickx, MD - Brussels, Belgium
Joon Pio P. Hong, MD, PhD - Seoul, Korea
Michael A. Howard, MD - Northbrook, IL
Michael J. Klebuc, MD - Houston, TX
Alexander Y. Lin, MD, FACS - St. Louis, MO
Evan Matros, MD - New York, NY
Julie E. Park, MD - Chicago, IL
Ivona Percec, MD, PhD - Philadelphia, PA
Samuel O. Poore, MD, PhD - Madison, WI
Aldona Spiegel, MD - Houston, TX
Alexander M. Spiess, MD - Pittsburgh, PA
Derek M. Steinbacher, MD - New Haven, CT
Alex K. Wong, MD - Los Angeles, CA
Toni Zhong, MD - Toronto, ON, Canada

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