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Winter 2017 Newsletter

A Message from your Executive Director
Aurelie Alger

With our AAPS Annual Meeting in Austin only a few short weeks away, your AAPS Staff Team is very busy with final preparations for the Annual Meeting. For some members of the Association, the Annual Meeting is a time when you meet some of our team members face to face, while the rest of the year’s interactions may be via only email or telephone. However, for many other AAPS members who serve on committees, task forces and in the leadership, our interactions throughout the year are constant, and very productive. This year, Dr. Zins oversaw a tremendous amount of volunteer committee activity – and every committee had the opportunity to discuss their work during our regular Board Conference Calls. Each AAPS Committee vigorously responded to their assignments, and I want to thank the Chairs, and all committee members, for their amazing commitment to the Association. For some organizations, committee assignments may be more honorific, and little real work takes place. In the AAPS, every committee is expected to engage its members and produce results, and every one this year did just that. Their efforts are visible everywhere, from new programs and initiatives focusing on mentorship and preceptorship throughout the year, to addressing member concerns, to advancing the structure of the Annual Meeting, to determining future leadership and award winners, to assessing membership value and selecting the next generation of AAPS members, to overseeing a redesign of the website and continuing the Association’s expansion into social media, to creating a framework for effective partnership discussions with industry. The AAPS also held its first Webinar, focused on career development, and it was extremely well-received. The oral discussion and slides will be archived on the AAPS website for those who were unable to participate that evening.

I also must thank the Board members for their dedication to the Association, and their accessibility throughout the year for Board Meetings, Conference Calls, and online discussion and votes. The AAPS is in excellent hands of committed leadership, and the Presidential Line operates together to ensure that the activities of the Association follow year to year in a cohesive manner.

Finally, a warm thank you to our President, Dr. Jim Zins. He has worked tirelessly with me, Becky and our team from start to finish, always looking to deliver on the theme that the Association is more than just a meeting. His efforts resound in so many ways – we appreciated his availability, his energy, and his infectious (and sometimes dry) humor. It was a pleasure to work with him over the past year.

Our AAPS Team onsite in Austin will be myself, Becky Bonsaint, EJ Weldon, Olivia Annese, and Yvonne Grunebaum. It is our true privilege to serve the Association, and we look forward to welcoming you to Austin soon.

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