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Winter 2016 Newsletter

President's Message
Michael L. Bentz, MD, FAAP, FACS
Michael L. Bentz, M.D., FAAP, FACS
Michael L. Bentz, MD, FAAP, FACS

It is a pleasure to invite you to attend the 2016 meeting of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons to be held at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in New York City, NY on May 19-22, 2016. This is a historic meeting, held for the first time in conjunction with the Plastic Surgery Research Council. The intent of this close collaboration is to bring the very best of clinical, translational, and basic science research and experience to you in one location at one time. The meeting has been carefully designed to interface with joint programming, as well as with the independent sessions that you would typically see at each meeting. We have worked particularly hard to honor the traditions and spirit of each organization in this carefully choreographed, collaborative educational opportunity. With respect for your time, the meetings have not been simply designed to run back to back, but to be run concurrently, offering many choices to our attendees. In addition to the formal meeting programming, the AAPS Pre-Conference Symposia and PSRC local programs will continue.

You will note other changes in this year’s meeting. The program book will be available in an electronic format, accessible from your preferred device. Abstracts are being published electronically in PRS Global Open, and will also be available on our Meeting app. To help our members integrate this new technology, we will have staff and tech-savvy residents and fellows on hand to assist you in using these tools (if you are technologically challenged like me). Additionally, should you wish to participate in the meeting and tweet commentary and feedback, our “techy team” will help you establish a Twitter account and show you how to tweet. To help you navigate meeting locations, we will have hardcopy directions available on site to help assure that you capture all learning and social opportunities.

The meeting will also consist of several firsts. The AAPS is particularly privileged to launch the inaugural Noone Lecture, given by its name sake, Dr. Barry Noone. This gift from the American Board of Plastic Surgery will provide perpetual learning opportunities for Association members moving forward as part of our Endowed Lecture Portfolio. There will also be joint AAPS/PSRC programming including a debate and panel. Finally, for AAPS meeting fellowship (one of the most treasured aspects of our membership), the Welcome Reception and Presidential Dinner will be held in conjunction with the PSRC, allowing us to spend additional time with friends and family in a truly collaborative atmosphere.

I look forward to seeing you in New York. While this meeting represents a substantial change in AAPS programming, we are excited and enthusiastic about it. If the submissions of 898 abstracts are any indication, there is substantial interest in, and support for a meeting in this format. After the meeting, we will ask you to provide feedback regarding the format and particular facets of this joint educational and social program. I also am eager to hear your thoughts in New York as we watch the program unfold together. I look forward to seeing you at this historic meeting in May, and wish you the best until then.


Michael L. Bentz, M.D., FAAP, FACS

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