AAPS, American Association of Plastic Surgeons
AAPS, American Association of Plastic Surgeons
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Winter 2016 Newsletter

President's Message
James Zins, MD

The theme of my Presidential year is "Your Association is more than just as Annual Meeting".

To this end, the AAPS Board, our committee members and I have initiated a number of programs to enhance membership value in our Association. This includes:

  1. The initiation of our "Innovations Program" which is designed to encourage Association members to visit units of special interest or expertise for 1-2 days, in order to bring home fresh ideas and new programs to their home institutions. We already have a list of Preceptors and Preceptees, and if you wish to participate you can sign up from our homepage. Special thanks goes to Dr. Greg Evans for leading this effort.

  2. The initiation of a webinar series, the first of which is entitled "So You Want to be a Department Chair." This 75 minute webinar will be moderated by Dr. Greg Evans, with presentations and perspectives offered by Drs. Linda Phillips, David Song and Scott Levin. It is taking place at 8 PM on February 16th, and will be recorded and archived on our website for those who miss it.

  3. A number of other webinars are planned for the future, including an extension of our Social Media Panel discussion being held in Austin during the Annual Meeting, and a future discussion of "The Plastic Surgeon as an Entrepreneur: the Value of Industry Relationships." Please weigh in on additional topics that you would like discussed, as we plan to make this webinar series a permanent service for our members.

  4. A new look and total revamping of our website, with the addition of a video section, and the addition of a Twitter feed which will continue through this year's Austin meeting. Special thanks goes to Dr. Arin Greene and his Technology Committee for their monumental efforts. We hope that you like the redesign and the easier functionality of our updated website.

  5. The encouragement of new members to become involved. A number of new members were highlighted at our November 2016 ASPS/AAPS "Super Tuesday" symposium at the Los Angeles ASPS Annual Meeting, including Drs. Howard Levinson, Patrick Garvey, Jennifer Walden, Stephen Kovach, Shai Rozen, Jesse Selber, and Reza Jarrahy. Special thanks goes to Dr. Arun Gosain for organizing the AAPS portion of the symposium.

  6. All new AAPS members received committee assignments this year, and their enthusiasm to participate in the Association showed. Thanks to each of the committee members for your service and tireless work over the past year; our Association is stronger as a result of your efforts.

  7. Efforts to improve relations with our Exhibitor's and the quality of our exhibit section at out Annual meeting is being led by Ad hoc Exhibit Committee Chair, Dr. Paul Cederna.

Finally, we are approaching the million goal set for our 1/10/100 campaign, now under the guidance of Charles Verheyden! While the goal seemed unrealistic several years ago, we are very close, and hope that this year's final push will put us over the top.

In addition, other opportunities for Association support are encouraged through gifts to the Constable Fund, which supports the Constable Fellows who visit North America through the annual Constable Travelling Fellowship. We also want to thank Dr. Gregory Hetter and Dr. Foad Nahai, who have brought a new award to the AAPS, through the generosity of the BCRF, the Body Contouring Research Foundation. A Young Presenterís Award and Young Researcherís Award will be awarded in alternating years at future Annual Meetings, beginning in 2018.

This is your Association. Become involved if you are not already. It's a lot of fun!

James Zins, MD
AAPS President

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