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Winter 2016 Newsletter

Welcome 2015 New Members

27 new members were elected to membership in AAPS. This Class of 2015 will be formally inducted at the 2016 Annual Meeting at the Sheraton New York, May 19-22, 2016

Jayant Agarwal MD, Salt Lake City UT
Gregory H. Borschel MD, Toronto ON
Duc T. Bui MD, Stony Brook NY
Curtis L. Cetrulo MD, Boston MA
Amy S. Colwell MD, Boston MA
Alfred T. Culliford IV, MD, Staten Island NY
Thomas A. Davenport MD, Garden City NY
Michael C. Edwards MD, Las Vegas NV
James W. Fletcher MD, St. Paul MN
Ronald D. Ford MD, Grand Rapids MI
Stefano Fusi MD, Guilford CT
Evan Garfein MD, Bronx NY
Scot B. Glasberg MD, New York NY
Arin Greene MD, Boston MA
Henry C. Hsia MD, New Brunswick NJ
John G. Hunter MD,M.M.M. New York NY
Timothy W. King MD, Ph.D. Madison WI
Eric C. Liao MD, Ph.D. Boston MA
Samir Mardini MD Rochester MN
Kurtis E. Moyer MD, Roanoke VA
Nelson S. Piccolo MD, Goiania Brazil
Christine Radtke MD, Ph.D. Hannover Germany
Andrea O. Ray MD, Loma Linda CA
Jennifer L. Rhodes MD, Richmond VA
Michel Saint-Cyr MD, Rochester MN
Devinder Singh MD, Baltimore MD
Jonathan M. Winograd MD, Boston MA

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