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AAPS Winter 2016 Newsletter
President's Message

James Zins, MD

The theme of my Presidential year is "Your Association is more than just as Annual Meeting".

To this end, the AAPS Board, our committee members and I have initiated a number of programs to enhance membership value in our Association. This includes:

  1. The initiation of our "Innovations Program" which is designed to encourage Association members to visit units of special interest or expertise for 1-2 days, in order to bring home fresh ideas and new programs to their home institutions. We already have a list of Preceptors and Preceptees, and if you wish to participate you can sign up from our homepage. Special thanks goes to Dr. Greg Evans for leading this effort.

  2. The initiation of a webinar series, the first of which is entitled "So You Want to be a Department Chair." This 75 minute webinar will be moderated by Dr. Greg Evans, with presentations and perspectives offered by Drs. Linda Phillips, David Song and Scott Levin. It is taking place at 8 PM on February 16th, and will be recorded and archived on our website for those who miss it.

  3. A number of other webinars are planned for the future, including an extension of our Social Media Panel discussion being held in Austin during the Annual Meeting, and a future discussion of "The Plastic Surgeon as an Entrepreneur: the Value of Industry Relationships." Please weigh in on additional topics that you would like discussed, as we plan to make this webinar series a permanent service for our members.

  4. A new look and total revamping of our website, with the addition of a video section, and the addition of a Twitter feed which will continue through this year's Austin meeting. Special thanks goes to Dr. Arin Greene and his Technology Committee for their monumental efforts. We hope that you like the redesign and the easier functionality of our updated website.

  5. The encouragement of new members to become involved. A number of new members were highlighted at our November 2016 ASPS/AAPS "Super Tuesday" symposium at the Los Angeles ASPS Annual Meeting, including Drs. Howard Levinson, Patrick Garvey, Jennifer Walden, Stephen Kovach, Shai Rozen, Jesse Selber, and Reza Jarrahy. Special thanks goes to Dr. Arun Gosain for organizing the AAPS portion of the symposium.

  6. All new AAPS members received committee assignments this year, and their enthusiasm to participate in the Association showed. Thanks to each of the committee members for your service and tireless work over the past year; our Association is stronger as a result of your efforts.

  7. Efforts to improve relations with our Exhibitor's and the quality of our exhibit section at out Annual meeting is being led by Ad hoc Exhibit Committee Chair, Dr. Paul Cederna.

Finally, we are approaching the million goal set for our 1/10/100 campaign, now under the guidance of Charles Verheyden! While the goal seemed unrealistic several years ago, we are very close, and hope that this year's final push will put us over the top.

In addition, other opportunities for Association support are encouraged through gifts to the Constable Fund, which supports the Constable Fellows who visit North America through the annual Constable Travelling Fellowship. We also want to thank Dr. Gregory Hetter and Dr. Foad Nahai, who have brought a new award to the AAPS, through the generosity of the BCRF, the Body Contouring Research Foundation. A Young Presenter’s Award and Young Researcher’s Award will be awarded in alternating years at future Annual Meetings, beginning in 2018.

This is your Association. Become involved if you are not already. It's a lot of fun!

James Zins, MD
AAPS President

96th Annual Meeting

96th Annual Meeting

96th Annual Meeting 96th Annual Meeting

A Message from your Executive Director
Aurelie Alger

With our AAPS Annual Meeting in Austin only a few short weeks away, your AAPS Staff Team is very busy with final preparations for the Annual Meeting. For some members of the Association, the Annual Meeting is a time when you meet some of our team members face to face, while the rest of the year’s interactions may be via only email or telephone. However, for many other AAPS members who serve on committees, task forces and in the leadership, our interactions throughout the year are constant, and very productive. This year, Dr. Zins oversaw a tremendous amount of volunteer committee activity – and every committee had the opportunity to discuss their work during our regular Board Conference Calls. Each AAPS Committee vigorously responded to their assignments, and I want to thank the Chairs, and all committee members, for their amazing commitment to the Association. For some organizations, committee assignments may be more honorific, and little real work takes place. In the AAPS, every committee is expected to engage its members and produce results, and every one this year did just that. Their efforts are visible everywhere, from new programs and initiatives focusing on mentorship and preceptorship throughout the year, to addressing member concerns, to advancing the structure of the Annual Meeting, to determining future leadership and award winners, to assessing membership value and selecting the next generation of AAPS members, to overseeing a redesign of the website and continuing the Association’s expansion into social media, to creating a framework for effective partnership discussions with industry. The AAPS also held its first Webinar, focused on career development, and it was extremely well-received. The oral discussion and slides will be archived on the AAPS website for those who were unable to participate that evening.

I also must thank the Board members for their dedication to the Association, and their accessibility throughout the year for Board Meetings, Conference Calls, and online discussion and votes. The AAPS is in excellent hands of committed leadership, and the Presidential Line operates together to ensure that the activities of the Association follow year to year in a cohesive manner.

Finally, a warm thank you to our President, Dr. Jim Zins. He has worked tirelessly with me, Becky and our team from start to finish, always looking to deliver on the theme that the Association is more than just a meeting. His efforts resound in so many ways – we appreciated his availability, his energy, and his infectious (and sometimes dry) humor. It was a pleasure to work with him over the past year.

Our AAPS Team onsite in Austin will be myself, Becky Bonsaint, EJ Weldon, Olivia Annese, and Yvonne Grunebaum. It is our true privilege to serve the Association, and we look forward to welcoming you to Austin soon.

John D. Constable Memorial

John D. Constable, MD
Dr. John Davidson Constable's Memorial Celebration was held at the First Church in Cambridge on Saturday, October 1, 2016. Dr. Constable was a leader not only in his specialty field of Plastic surgery, but in fostering and mentoring so many surgeons throughout his career. His example was an inspiration to all, supported clearly by the fact that among the nearly 500 attendees were numerous Association members and friends. The Memorial Service was led by his daughter, Isabel Dora Constable. The first of nine speakers who eloquently spoke about John Constable was his long-time friend, Dr. Bryant Toth. Dr. Jim May 's written remembrance was a highlight of the printed program. In all, the Memorial accurately captured the very special life of Dr. Constable. He would have been pleased. The American Association of Plastic Surgeons is privileged to have the distinction of carrying forward Dr. Constable's passion for mentoring young surgeons by offering the Constable Traveling Fellowship on an annual basis.
Members in the News

Mark B. Constantian, MD, FACS

Summary of Dr. Constantian's Trip to Yerevan, 2016

At the 2015 Association meeting, Steve Ariyan's Presidential Address recounted the story of how he had reacted to the 1988 earthquake in Spitak, Armenia by training Armenian surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses at Yale so that they could return to Armenia and perform the reconstructive surgery that was needed. One of those surgeons, Gagik Stamboltsyan, had come to the Association meeting with his son to honor Steve's presidential year.

After the opening ceremonies, Dr. Stamboltsyan approached me and asked if I would come to Yerevan to teach and operate. My wife Charlotte, my surgical nurse Donna Morton, and I made that trip in September of this year and stayed for nine days. The first day I lectured for 4 hours to the plastic and ENT surgeons from Yerevan and some from Moscow who attended. That afternoon we screened patients and then operated for five days. I had to laugh at the discovery that some of the long line of patients had come only to meet "the famous American surgeon", which is the way Dr. Stamboltsyan had billed me. The next weekend Dr. Stamboltsyan, his wife, and our Yale-trained anesthesiologist Armine Kharatyan joined Charlotte, Donna, and me to travel the country for a day and a half, visiting multiple churches, the Genocide Museum, and gazing at Mount Ararat, by legend the landing place of Noah’s Ark, located in present-day Turkey. Dr. Stamboltsyan was an extremely generous and cordial host.

Except for one, all the cases we did were secondary rhinoplasties, which are not being performed in Yerevan, despite a very large volume of primary rhinoplasties. Some of the deformities were uncorrectable on that visit because they would have required cantilevered rib grafts, but in other cases we were able to use ear cartilage frugally to accomplish the reconstructions. In most patients, septal cartilage had been completely harvested.

Armenia is an interesting country. Its government is composed largely of former KGB officers, and so the population fears and senses corruption. Nevertheless, the city is clean and very safe and the people are hard-working and seem surprisingly content with modest incomes and lifestyles. Armenia has suffered economically following the breakup of the Soviet Union because much of its commerce and export ability has disappeared. Young people work in the hotels and restaurants; older citizens travel to Russia or Europe for business opportunities, some commuting.

At a next visit I would make some equipment changes and pre-screen patients differently, but the experience was priceless and one more good thing in my life that happened because of Steve Ariyan.

Photo Legend: Left to right: Mrs. Stamboltsyan, anesthesiologist Armine Kharatyan, Donna Morton, Charlotte, me, our host Gagik Stamboltsyan.
Photo Legend: Left to right: Mrs. Stamboltsyan, anesthesiologist Armine Kharatyan, Donna Morton, Charlotte, me, our host Gagik Stamboltsyan.


The American Association of Plastic Surgeons Is proud to announce the following Webinar:
"So You Want to be a Department Chair"

Moderated by Gregory Evans, MD, University of California
Welcome and Introduction by James E. Zins, MD, Cleveland Clinic
Participants and Perspectives:
L. Scott Levin, MD,Chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Linda Phillips, MD, Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Texas
David Song, MD, Chief, Section Plastic Surgery, University of Chicago
Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 8:00 PM to 9:15 PM EST

Academic Scholar Fund Drive
1-10-100 Campaign Pledge Make a pledge to the 1-10-100 Campaign
$1K donated per year for 10 years with 100% Participation could mean $5 million to fully fund the Academic Scholar Awards! Pledge Now!

2016 Annual Meeting Photo Highlights
View photos from the 2016 Annual Meeting
Annual Business Meeting Minutes


Sunday, May 22, 2016
12:00 pm
Sheraton New York Hotel
New York, New York


  1. Call to Order

    Dr. Michael Bentz welcomed the members to the 95th Annual Business Meeting of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons and called the meeting to order. Dr. Bentz reminded members that the membership ballots had been distributed and he asked all members to complete the ballots. He appointed Drs. Scott Hultman, Tom Lawrence and Neil Salyapongse as Tellers with Dr. Salyapongse serving as the Head Teller.

    Dr. James Zins, Parliamentarian, declared a quorum present.

  2. Approval of the Minutes of the April 14, 2015, Annual Business Meeting

    Dr. Bentz called to members’ attention the Minutes of the April 14, 2015, Annual Business Meeting, which had been summarized in the President’s Newsletter that is available on the AAPS website as well as distributed electronically to all members.

    VOTED to accept the Minutes of the April 14, 2015, Annual Business Meeting as circulated to the membership.

  3. Report of the Secretary

    Dr. Linda Phillips, Secretary, reported that the AAPS membership continued to grow. The current membership included: 229 Life Fellows and 607 Active Fellows for a total of 836 members.

    The following members have requested transfer to Life membership:
    Juan Angelats
    Fritz Barton, Jr.
    David Billmire
    Bruce L. Cunningham
    Jack A. Friedland
    Federick Heckler
    Debbie A. Kennedy
    Louis Morales
    Ferdinand A. Ofodile
    Robert C. Savage
    Norman H. Schulman
    Lester Silver
    James H. Wells
    Ronald M. Zuker

    VOTED to approve the transfer of these individuals to Life Fellow status.

    Dr. Phillips asked members to observe a moment of silence for the following members who had passed away since the last meeting and whose memoirs were available at the back of the room:
    Gustavo A. Colon
    David A. Grant
    Thomas J. Krizek
    Robby Meijer
    Irving Rappaport
    Gerald M. Sloan
    Armand D. Versaci
    William Z. Zamboni
    Harvey A. Zarem

    Dr. Phillips thanked everyone who wrote memoirs for these members.

    Dr. Phillips reported that 33 applicants for membership including 1 second-time applicant and 1 third-time applicant had completed their applications in a timely manner and fulfilled all the membership qualifications. In accordance with AAPS By-Laws all prospective candidates were presented in the Fall Newsletter and presented to the Board for information and formal ranking prepared and distributed to all Active and Life Fellows. Based on membership ranking and Board recommendation, a slate of 26 candidates was selected for inclusion on the membership ballot. Dr. Phillips thanked the members present for their vigorous efforts to continue to seek out the highest and best-qualified candidates for membership in AAPS.

    Jugpal S. Arneja
    Craig Birgfeld
    William J. Casey
    Rodney K. Chan
    Jeffrey B. Friedrich
    Patrick B. Garvey
    Mirko S. Gilardino
    Jeffrey Gusenoff
    Scott L. Hansen
    Reza Jarrahy
    Timothy S. Johnson
    Stephen J. Kovach
    Edward S. Lee
    Howard Levinson
    Alanna M. Rebecca
    Shai Rozen
    S. Raja Sabapathy
    Jesse C. Selber
    Davinder J. Singh
    William G. Stevens
    Stephen R. Sullivan
    Eric Swanson
    Helena O. Taylor
    Choudry Umar
    Stephen J. Vega
    Jennifer L. Walden

  4. Report of the Officers

    1. Report of the President

      Dr. Bentz thanked everyone for the privilege of presiding as President of the Association for the past year and expressed his deepest gratitude to the Board for their hard work and support. He commented on the successful joint meeting with PSRC and thanked Babak Mehrara, Chair of the PSRC, for his excellent collaboration in helping to get everything scheduled in a manner that would work for both organizations. He also thanked Michael Neumeister and the Program Committee for putting together an excellent program for AAPS. Dr. Bentz noted that the post meeting survey would indicate the success of this joint effort to determine if it will be held jointly again in the future. It would not be a joint meeting in 2017.
    2. Report of the President-Elect

      Dr. James Zins commented that this was an awe inspiring meeting, and noted that following Dr. Bentz will be a challenge. He stated that he would rely on Dr. Bentz, as well as incoming President-Elect Dr. Mary McGrath and Secretary Dr. Linda Phillips for their support and insight during the coming year. Dr. Zins opined that the AAPS is more than just an Annual Meeting, noting the Preceptorship program where members will be able to visit other institutions which will be completed in 2017 by Greg Evans. He also noted that the Development Committee has been working hard to attain its $5,000,000 goal and the Technology Committee, chaired by Arin Greene, will be expanding technology not only in programming but throughout the entire Association. He indicated that he would expect all AAPS committees to be active and engaged during the coming year.
    3. Report of the Treasurer

      Dr. Donald Mackay reported that the Association is in solid financial position with total assets as of December 31, 2015, of $4,882,227 and total liabilities of $175,259. With total revenues of $943,242 and total disbursements of $847.664 the Association had a Net Cash Operating surplus of $95,579 which was reduced by investment losses of $17,713, for a final net surplus of $77,866.

      VOTED to approve the report of the Treasurer.

  5. Report of Committees

    1. ICONS Project

      Dr. Linda Phillips reported on the progress of the ICONS Project, noting that it was a joint effort of the AAPS and the PSF that will preserve the contributions of plastic surgery leaders for future generations. She thanked everyone who have been interviewed and she thanked David Lavine who has been doing the interviews. A very large number had agreed to be interviewed during the New York Meeting, and she noted that the Association is always looking for additional suggestions for ICONS.
    2. Development Committee

      Dr. James Zins reminded the membership that the Hoopes, Peer and Furnas Funds could not support an Academic Scholar individually, and so the principles of all three funds had been merged so that an Academic Scholar could be funded on annual basis with the interest. The 1-10-100 campaign ($1,000 per year for 10 years with 100% participation) was initiated as part of the strategic plan to raise $5,000,000. With current earnings and pledges, the Association is currently at $4,447,000, and Dr. Zins implored everyone to contribute to this campaign, to help support one of the AAPS’ most enduring programs on behalf of young researchers. Dr. Bentz asked for the report of the Tellers and announced that all candidates have been elected and will be inducted into Fellowship as the Class of 2016 and who will be formally introduced at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.

  6. Report of the Nominating Committee

    Dr. Steve Ariyan thanked the members of the Nominating Committee, Drs. Joseph Losee, Joseph Serletti, Donald Mackay and Julia Terzis. He then presented the report of the AAPS Nominating Committee reporting that after careful consideration, the AAPS slate of officers for the year 2017-2017 was as follows:
    President: James Zins, MD
    President-Elect: Mary McGrath, MD
    Vice President: Nicholas Vedder, MD
    Secretary: Linda Phillips, MD
    Treasurer: Robert Havlik, MD
    Historian: W. P. Andrew Lee, MD
    Trustees: Michael L. Bentz, MD (Past President)
    Paul Cederna, MD
    James Chang, MD
    Dr. Bentz thanked the outgoing Board Trustees, Donald Lalonde and Joseph Serletti, and outgoing Treasurer, Donald Mackay, for their service to the AAPS.

    Dr. Bentz thanked Dr. Ariyan for the Report of the Nominating Committee and asked the membership for other nominations from the floor. Hearing none, it was

    VOTED to approve the report of the Nominating Committee as presented.

    Dr. Bentz then asked for nominations from the floor for the two positions on the Nominating Committee for next year.

    VOTED to elect Drs. Jeffrey Janis and Kant Lin to serve on the Nominating Committee for 2017.

    Dr. Michael Bentz announced that the next meeting will be at the JW Marriott in Austin, Texas, March 25-28, 2017.

    Dr. Bentz then presented the AAPS gavel to Dr. Zins. Dr. Zins thanked Dr. Bentz for his service to AAPS as President during the past year and presented the Presidential Plaque to Dr. Bentz commemorating his year as AAPS President. Dr. Bentz expressed his sincere gratitude for the honor to serve as President of the AAPS noting we will continue to work collaboratively with PSRC and handing the gavel to Dr. Zins he commented that the Association is in very good hands.

    Dr. Zins thanked the membership for the honor of serving as their President. He noted he is looking forward to working with Mary McGrath and the AAPS committees during the coming year.

  7. Adjournment

    There being no further business to come before the 95th Annual Meeting, Dr. Zins adjourned the meeting to a close at 12:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Phillips
Linda Phillips, MD

Welcome 2016 New Members

26 new members were elected to membership in AAPS. The Class of 2016 will be formally introduced at the 2017 Annual Meeting at the JW Marriott Hotel in Austin, Texas.

Jugpal S. Arneja, MD, MBA - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Craig Birgfeld, MD - Seattle, WA
William J. Casey III - Phoenix, AZ
Rodney K. Chan, MD - Fort Sam Houston, TX
Jeffrey B. Friedrich, MD - Seattle, WA
Patrick B. Garvey, MD, FACS - Houston, TX
Mirko S. Gilardino, MD - Montreal, QC, Canada
Jeffrey Gusenoff, MD - Pittsburgh, PA
Scott L. Hansen, MD - San Francisco, CA
Reza Jarrahy, MD - Los Angeles, CA
Timothy S. Johnson, MD - Hershey, PA
Stephen J. Kovach III, MD - Philadelphia, PA
Edward S. Lee, MD - Newark, NJ
Howard Levinson, MD - Durham, NC
Alanna M. Rebecca, MD - Phoenix, AZ
Shai Rozen, MD - Dallas, TX
S. Raja Sabapathy, MD - Coimbatore, Tamil Na, India
Jesse C. Selber, MD - Houston, TX
Davinder J. Singh, MD - Phoenix, AZ
William G. Stevens, MD - Marina del Rey, CA
Stephen R. Sullivan, MD, PhD - Cambridge, MA
Eric Swanson, MD - Leawood, KS
Helena O. Taylor, MD, PhD - Cambridge, MA
Choudry Umar, MD, FACS - Minneapolis, MN
Stephen J. Vega, MD - rochester, NY
Jennifer L. Walden, MD - Austin, TX

Academic Scholar Awards

AAPS is pleased to be able to award two Academic Scholarships for 2016 – 2018

Christopher J. Pannucci, MD – AAPS/PSF Academic Scholar
University of Utah
"Real time anti-Factor Xa monitoring and enoxaparin dose adjustment to optimize venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in plastic and reconstructive surgery patients".

Alison K. Snyder-Warwick, MD
Washington University
"Molecular and genetic analysis of terminal Schwann cell function in homeostasis and injury".

Research Achievement Awards

Research Achievement Awards were presented for basic science and clinical research.

Elof Eriksson, MD – Basic Science Research Achievement Award
Bahman Guyuron, MD – Clinical Research Achievement Award


AAPS encourages all members to consider service on an AAPS committee. Please take a look at the committee list and contact the Administrative office if you ae interested in serving on a committee next year.
View 2016 – 2017 Committees