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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Update on the New Member Application Voting System

As you have all seen, the voting mechanism was significantly new this year, with the addition of scores based on points assigned to each applicant’s publication, teaching appointments, peer-reviewed grants, administrative responsibilities, and plastic surgical society or humanitarian service. On the whole, the new application ranking system worked well and generated the highest voting turnout in five years. In addition, the scoring mechanism functioned only as intended—as a guide, not a directive. Thus the final voting rankings did not follow application scores exactly, but rather reflected Association members’ decisions. The Membership Committee intends to refine the system further to make voting even more efficient for you.

The American Association of Plastic Surgeons continues to look for highly qualified applicants. However, the Committee did review several applications that significantly lacked the traditional scholarship, research, and academic credentials required for membership in this Society. Deferring these applicants for one or two years will still not provide sufficient time for these surgeons to correct their deficits. The committee encourages Association members to recruit nonmembers who have established themselves as leaders in plastic surgery, but also to suggest to surgeons who do not yet have the appropriate credentials that they defer their applications until their chances of successful acceptance become higher.

Mark Constantian, MD
Chair, AAPS Membership Committee

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