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Fall 2014 Newsletter

President's Message
Stephan Ariyan, MD, FACS
Stephan Ariyan, MD, FACS
Stephan Ariyan, MD, FACS

I want to wish all our AAPS Members a very happy and healthy holiday season. It has been an exciting summer and fall for our Association, kicked off of course by our incredibly successful meeting in Miami under our immediate Past President, Dr. John Persing. We came out of Miami with a number of exciting initiatives, and a sense of energy about implementing those over the year.

One very important program that the AAPS is involved in is the ICONS Project, which we are doing in partnership with the PSF. The ICONS Project is designed to preserve the rich history of plastic surgery by videotaping interviews with the giants of our specialty, and then hosting those interviews on both the Association as well as the ASPS/PSF websites. Thanks to our ICONS Task Force, Drs. Linda Phillips and Thomas Lawrence representing the AAPS, and Drs. Charles Verheyden and Nick Vedder representing the PSF. Thanks also to Dr. David Lavine, who tirelessly conducted 6 interviews during the recent plastic surgery meetings in Chicago, as well as traveling to the home of Dr. Milton Edgerton to record his recollections for this project. We are especially grateful to those plastic surgery leaders who traveled to Chicago to participate in the project, Drs. James Bennett, Ronald Berggren, John Hoopes, Martin Robson, Melvin Spira and Elvin Zook. The interviews are now in the editing phase, and we will let our members know as soon as they are available for viewing. We will also be conducting a second round of interviews during the Association meeting in Scottsdale next April. This collaborative effort between the Association and the PSF is truly important for the historic preservation of our specialty.

Another exciting project underway is the AAPS' second Expert Consensus Conference, which will focus on DVT Prophylaxis. The Expert Consensus Panel is being chaired by Dr. Kevin Chung, who has already begun working with the steering committee consisting of Dr. Chung, as well as our statistician/researcher John MacDonald of the Cochrane Collaboration, and Dr. Chris Pannucci. They are joined by our panel members, Drs. Carolyn Kerrigan, Karol Gutowski, Loren Schechter, John Kim, and myself. The research protocol has been created and the literature scan and search is underway. The materials will be reviewed by our panel, which will meet in mid-March to draft the first expert consensus statement, which will then be presented to our members in Scottsdale. Thanks to each member of this important project, who are giving of their time and expertise on behalf of the Association.

I am also delighted to inform our members that the first Expert Consensus Paper has been submitted in revision for PRS publication. This paper focused on Perioperative Antimicrobial Prophylaxis for Plastic Surgery. The process to reach publication has been a long one, with several reviews and breakdowns of the relevant papers to make sure the analysis is on point, and I believe that once published this will be a seminal document for our specialty in this area.

Our committees are always busy over the summer and fall, and they have been meeting regularly by conference call, carrying on the business of our Association. I want to thank all of our volunteers who serve on the AAPS Committees, because they again give of their time and expertise, helping drive our programs forward. Each committee chair has been committed to not only doing the work of the committee, but in making recommendations regarding how to make improvements to processes, and ensure that the Association remains active on all fronts. As a reminder, we are always seeking new participants for our committees, and please me know if you would like to be considered for future service on an AAPS Committee. Complete committee listings can be found on our Association website: www.aaps1921.org.

Speaking of committees, we have some which are helping drive exciting advances for our Association. The Technology Committee Chaired by Dr. Greg Borah is focusing on how we can incorporate technology into our Annual Meeting and our Association activities – and this coming year our meeting app will feature a live Twitter Feed, which will be used to highlight the meeting in real time. The committee is identifying Twitter-facile surgeons to help “tweet” the meeting on a continuing basis, and then we will also be sending out in advance and featuring with a brief tutorial at the meeting information about how our members can sign onto Twitter and tweet themselves. We are also planning to offer at various points during our meeting a “live feed” into the meeting rooms, so that our audience members can see the tweets being made. If you are a Tweeter, please reach out to Dr. Borah and let him know of your interest to participate!

The Program Committee led by Dr. Bob Havlik is also adding more technology-forward innovations to the Annual Meeting, including the introduction of electronic Posters for our poster competition and display posters in Scottsdale. Invited posters will be asked to submit their posters electronically – and then they will automatically be uploaded to large TV screens which will be accessible for viewing throughout the meeting. A very nice feature is that these posters are then housed in perpetuity for viewing, offering significant exposure for our poster presenters. An added benefit is no more cost for reproducing a poster, worrying about carrying to the meeting, and potential damage in putting it up and taking it down. The Program Committee is also continuing the technology added by the 2014 Program Chairs, of a text-based audience response system, allowing everyone to respond to questions directly using their mobile phones. Again, we will be sending reminders and offer a short tutorial at the start of the meeting demonstrating how to access this user-friendly system.

We had 462 abstracts submitted this year, second only to our historic submission for Miami last year, and still over 100 higher than any other years. The Program Committee has worked diligently to select the finest presentations for oral, poster, and "innovations and libations" presentations. The quality of the work submitted reminds us all how our Association attracts the very finest in our specialty, and I thank everyone who submitted abstracts for consideration this year.

Once again, I want to thank our members for your continuing contributions to our Association, and wish you and your families the warmest of holidays this season.

Stephan Ariyan, MD

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