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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Welcome 2014 New Members

32 new members were elected to membership in AAPS. This Class of 2014 will be formally introduced at the 2015 Annual Meeting at the Westin Kierland Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Christopher J. Brooks, MD - Hollywood, FL
Reuben A. Bueno Jr., MD - Springfield, IL
Michael G. Cedars, MD - Oakland, CA
Andrew Chen, MD - Novi, MI
Ernest S. Chiu, MD - New York City, NY
Melissa Crosby, MD - Houston, TX
Daniel DelVecchio, MD, MBA - Boston, MA
Amanda A. Gosman, MD - San Diego, CA
Aldo B. Guerra, MD - Scottsdale, AZ
Lynn Jeffers, MD - Oxnard, CA
John Y. Kim, MD - Chicago, IL
Joshua Korman, MD - Mountain View, CA
Roberto Lachica, MD - Germantown, TN
QingFeng LI, MD, PhD - Shanghi, China
Samuel J. Lin, MD - Boston, MA
Michele A. Manahan, MD - Baltimore, MD
Robert J. Mann, MD - Grand Rapids, MI
Terence Myckatyn, MD - St. Louis, MO
John Oeltjen, MD, PhD - Miami, FL
Andre Panossian, MD - Los Angeles, CA
Gregory D. Pearson, MD - Columbus, OH
Christopher D. Prevel, MD - Orlando, FL
Russell Reid, MD, PhD - Chicago, IL
Christine H. Rhode, MD - New York, NY
Amorn Salyapongse, MD - Belleville, IL
Sheel Sharma, MD - New York, NY
Jesse Taylor, MD - Philadelphia, PA
Mayer Tenenhaus, MD - San Diego, CA
David Teplica, MD - Chicago, IL
Jan Jeroen Vranckx, MD - Leuven, Belgium
Albert S. Woo, MD - St. Louis, MO
Liza C. Wu, MD - Bryn Mawr, PA

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