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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Annual Business Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, April 8, 2014
12:30 pm
Eden Roc Hotel, Miami, Florida


1. Call to Order

Dr. Persing welcomed the members to the 93rd Annual Business Meeting of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons and called the meeting to order. Dr. Persing reminded members that the membership ballots had been distributed and he asked all members to complete the ballots. He appointed Drs. Ronald Zuker, Bohdan Pomohac and Gary Price as Tellers with Dr. Zuker serving as the Head Teller.

Dr. Stephan Ariyan, Parliamentarian, declared a quorum present.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the April 23, 2013, Annual Business Meeting

Dr. Persing called to members’ attention the Minutes of the April 23, 2013, Annual Business Meeting, which had been summarized in the President’s Newsletter that is available on the AAPS website as well as distributed electronically to all members.

VOTED to accept the Minutes of the April 23, 2013, Annual Business Meeting as circulated to the membership.

3. Report of the Secretary

Dr. Mary McGrath, Secretary, reported that the AAPS membership continued to grow. The current membership included: 220 Life Fellows and 589 Active Fellows for a total of 809 members of which 14 are Honorary and 21 are Distinguished Fellows.

The following members had left the active practice of plastic surgery and requested transfer to Life membership:

Hallene A. Maragh, Richmond, VA
Timothy A. Miller, Los Angeles, CA
Leroy Young, St. Louis, MO

VOTED to approve the requests for transfer to Life Membership.

Dr. McGrath asked members to observe a moment of silence for the following members who passed away since the last meeting and whose memoirs are published in the program book:

John H. Culbertson, Jr.
Robert J. Duran
Albert F. Fleury, Sr.
Harold K. McComb
Thomas D. Rees
Clifford C. Snyder
Hugh G. Thomson
Andrew W. Walker
R. Christie Wray, Jr.

Dr. McGrath reported that 41 applicants for membership including 9 second-time applicants and 3 third-time applicants had completed their applications in a timely manner and fulfilled all the membership qualifications. In accordance with AAPS By-Laws all prospective candidates were presented in the Fall Newsletter and presented to the Board for information and formal ranking prepared and distributed to all Active and Life Fellows. Based on membership scoring and Board recommendation, a slate of 32 candidates was selected for inclusion on the membership ballot. Dr. McGrath thanked the members present for their vigorous efforts to continue to seek out the highest and best-qualified candidates for membership in AAPS.

Christopher JM Brooks, MD
Reuben A Bueno, Jr, MD
Michael Cedars, MD
Andrew Chen, MD
Ernest S Chiu, MD
Prevel D Christopher, MD
Melissa A Crosby, MD
Daniel A Delvecchio, MD
Amanda A Gosman, MD
Aldo B Guerra, MD
Lynn Jeffers, MD
John Y Kim, MD
Joshua Korman, MD
Roberto D Lachica, MD
Samuel J. Lin, M.D.
Qing Feng LI, Ph.D., M.D.
Michele A. Manahan, MD
Robert J Mann, M.D,
Terence M Myckatyn, M.D.
John C Oeltjen, Oeltjen, M.D., Ph.D.
Andre Panossian, MD
Gregory D. Pearson, MD
Russell R. Reid, M.D. Ph.D.
Christine Rohde, MD, MPH
Amorn N Salyapongse, MD
Sheel Sharma, MD
Jesse A Taylor, MD
Mayer Tenenhaus, MD
David Teplica, MD, MFA
Jan Jeroen Vranckx, MD, PhD
Albert S Woo, MD
Liza C Wu, MD

4. Report of the Officers

A. Report of the President

Dr. Persing thanked everyone for the privilege of presiding as President of the Association for the past year and expressed his deepest gratitude to the Board for their hard work and support. He also thanked all of the committees for their efforts over the past year with special thanks to Drs. Buchman and Narayan for putting together an extraordinary program this year and implementing several new and exciting innovations. Dr. Persing also noted that for the first time, AAPS abstracts were published in PRS. Dr. Persing also noted the work of the membership committee, which put in an exceptional amount of time in refining the membership application process. He also thanked Dr. David Larson for his efforts to increase the activity of the Cannon membership. There were also several collaborative efforts ongoing with sister societies, including discussions with PSRC regarding a possible joint meeting, collaboration with ACAPS on their Winter Retreat and in the joint educational session at the Annual Meeting, and the upcoming ICONS project.

B. Report of the President-Elect

Dr. Stephan Ariyan gave a report of the President-Elect, noting that there had been regular conference calls of the Presidential line, at which time the Strategic Plan was reviewed, and as such much of the strategic planning of the Association had come to the Board. Moving forward, strategic planning would now be the responsibility of the Board, with ideas and issues coming from a newly formed Issues Committee.

C. Report of the Treasurer

Dr. Donald Mackay reported that the Association is in solid financial position with total assets as of December 31, 2013, of $4,361,907 and total liabilities of $126,445. With total revenues of $943,620 and total disbursements of $769,670 the Association had a Net Cash Operating Total of $612,798.

VOTED to approve the report of the Treasurer.

4. Report of Committees

A. Membership Committee

Dr. Gary Price reported on the committee’s efforts over the past year to revise the membership application process to create a more objective way of assessing applicants and get more member involvement in the review process. A point system has been designed to accomplish this and revision No. 5 has been accepted by the Board and will be utilized during the upcoming application cycle. Dr. Price thanked the committee for their hard work; Drs. Mark Constantian, Lisa David, Arun Gosain, James Grotting, Scott Hultman, Alan Matarasso, Galen Perdikis, Lee Pu, and Charles Verheyden. He also thanked Dr. Moshe Kon for sharing the EURAPS point system from which this was based.

B. ICONS Project

Dr. Tom Lawrence presented a report on the ICONS Project, noting that it was a joint effort of the AAPS and the PSF, led by a task force consisting of Drs. Lawrence, Phillips, Verheyden and Vedder. Dr. David Lavine would be conducting the interviews, and the first round was planned to be held in the fall during the time of the ASPS Meetings. This would preserve the contributions of plastic surgery leaders for future generations.

C. Constitution & Bylaws Committee

Dr. Sheri Slezak presented proposed amendments to the bylaws as follows:

  • The Association is an open meeting and does not require anyone to have an invitation
  • Changes the name of the Finance Committee to the Investment Oversight Committee
  • Eliminates the Local Arrangements Committee – this function has been handled by the Association management company.

VOTED to approve the amendments to the bylaws.

Dr. Persing asked for the report of the Tellers and announced that all candidates have been elected and will be inducted into Fellowship as the Class of 2014 and who will be formally introduced at the 2015 Annual Meeting in Scottsdale.

E. Program Committee

Drs. Steve Buchman and Deepak Narayan, Co-Chairs of the Program Committee thanked the Program Committee for their hard work this year. They reported that a record number of 495 abstracts were received this year and they were able to accept 63 papers for oral presentations and 39 for poster presentations.

He also reported the total number of registrants at 481 with 443 professional attendees and 38 guests/spouses. There were 263 registrants for the Aesthetic Symposium and 283 registrants for the Reconstructive Symposium. Both of the Symposia received very positive feedback.

Dr. Persing thanked Drs. Buchman and Narayan and their committee for their excellent work this past year and the excellent program they had put together. Dr. Persing also thanked the Reconstructive Symposium chairs Drs. Chuck Butler and Paul Cederna, and the Aesthestic Symposia Chairs Drs. Bill Little and Peter Rubin for their hard work and attention to detail in putting together this year's programs.

5. Report of the Nominating Committee

Dr. David Larson thanked the members of the Nominating Committee, Drs. Steven Buchman, Paul Cederna, Lawrence Colen and Arun Gosain. He then presented the report of the AAPS Nominating Committee reporting that after careful consideration, the AAPS slate of officers for the year 2014-2015 was as follows:

President Stephan Ariyan, MD
President-Elect Michael L. Bentz, MD
Vice President James Zins, MD
Secretary Mary McGrath, MD
Treasurer Donald Mackay, MD
Historian Thomas Lawrence, MD
Trustees John Persing, MD (Past President)
William Crawley, MD
Nicholas Vedder, MD

Dr. Persing thanked Dr. Larson for the Report of the Nominating Committee and asked the membership for other nominations from the floor. Hearing none, it was

VOTED to approve the report of the Nominating Committee as presented.

Dr. Persing thanked the outgoing Trustees, Drs. Arun Gosain and Andrew Lee, for their excellent service to the AAPS for the past three years.

Dr. Persing then asked for nominations from the floor for the two positions on the Nominating Committee for next year.

VOTED to elect Drs. Paul Cederna and Sheri Slezak to serve on the Nominating Committee for 2015.

Dr. Persing announced that the next meeting will be at the Westin Kierland Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 11-14, 2015.

Dr. Persing then asked Dr. Steve Ariyan to come to the podium to accept the AAPS gavel. Dr. Ariyan thanked Dr. Persing for his service to AAPS as President during the past year and expressed sincere gratitude for the honor to serve as President of the AAPS. Dr. Ariyan presented the Presidential Plaque to Dr. Persing commemorating his year as AAPS President.

Dr. Ariyan indicated that he is looking forward to carrying the Strategic Plan forward over the next year and will be implementing innovation and enhanced education in the programming for next as well as improving academic efforts. He thanked the membership for the honor of serving as their President.

6. Adjournment

There being no further business to come before the 92nd Annual Meeting, Dr. Ariyan adjourned the meeting to a close at 1:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary H. McGrath, MD, MPH

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