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AAPS 85th Annual Meeting
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Vascular Thrombosis in the Hand: Patterns of Ischemia and Management
William C. Pederson, M.D..
The Hand Center of San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA.

Vascular Thromboses in the Hand: Patterns of Ischemia and Management
PURPOSE: Vascular thrombosis of the vessels to the hand occur infrequently, but can lead to loss of digits and long-term problems with the hand. The purpose of this study was to review experience with this problem and present typical findings in this group of patients and experience with surgical treatment.
Over a period of 13 years, 96 patients with digital ischemia secondary to thrombosis of the radial or ulnar arteries were managed surgically. Patients with chronic ischemia were excluded from this study. Clinical findings, the results of vascular studies, and results of surgical intervention were reviewed.
RESULTS: There were 99 vascular procedures performed in this group, with two patients requiring re-bypass during the period of follow-up, and one patient requiring bypass in both hands. The average age of this group was 52 years, with a range of 17 to 88. 52 of the patients were male, and 47 were female. The ulnar artery was thrombosed in 66 cases and the radial in 33 cases (one re-thrombosis requiring surgery in each.) Follow-up averaged 13 months, with a range of 1 month to 5 years. All patients had a decrease in symptoms, and the majority had return of a Doppler signal to involved digits (which was absent prior to surgery.)
CONCLUSIONS: Vascular thrombosis in the hand presents in definite patterns and diagnosis can usually be made based on clinical exam. Results of treatment are generally good with resolution of symptoms.

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